Meal preparations

Food is energy, but at times if you live alone, the thought, energy and effort required to maintain a varied, nourishing and balanced diet can seem too much.

Our friendly First Call care team understands the importance of regular meals and a balanced diet so will ensure our clients are helped to eat meals that they not only enjoy but ones that will also help them to remain healthy.

We will work with you to understand the type of food you like, your dislikes, your favourite dishes and when you like to eat, and develop a plan that fits in with your life as well as being nutritious. Working together we can assist with: 

  • planning your meals
  • shopping lists
  • meal preparation (and feeding if required)
  • doing the dishes and cleaning up 

We're happy to fit in with your needs. We can accompany you to the shops, and help you to do the shopping, or we can agree a shopping list with you and do the shopping on your behalf. Then we can either prepare your meal, or assist you while you do the preparation. Afterwards, we can clear away and do the washing up for you.

Just let us know what you need.